Antique Car Signs

It is true that the automobile was invented at the end of the 19th century, but it really didnt become a mainstay in public homes until the 1930s. Ford Motor Company dominated sales in the early history of the automotive business, but by the late forties General Motors was gaining a large share of the market. General Motors best selling brand was Chevrolet, and the war was on.

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In the 1950s, brand loyalty among customers was becoming solidified. Oftentimes entire families would identify themselves with either the Ford or Chevy brand. The debate as to which car company was the better one raged on and continues on to this very day.

While the two brands (and a few others) battled for supremacy, an advertising war that was unprecedented in American history was waged. Newspapers magazines, radio and television all carried ads for the car companies, and the companies also advertised on metal signs.

If you could take a time machine back to the 1950‚€ôs, you would find that every gas station and repair shop in America had a metal sign advertising either Ford or Chevy. They were also found in many a restaurant across the land, as well as homes and farms. People were proud to display which brand of automobile they preferred, which led to many friendly debates between neighbors

Most of the signs were very simplistic, often only portraying the company logo. Some of them displayed a particular model like the Ford Thunderbird or the Chevy Corvette.

Of course, Chevy and Ford werent the only two companies to advertise with metal signs. Porsche, Volkswagen, and the other General Motors brands had their share of signs as well.

Metal car signs are still in production today. Most of them are copies of older advertisements from the car companies, but you can find some with the new model cars displayed on them. There is also a very large supply of NASCAR related metal signs available. The best place to find these car signs are at flea markets, yard sales, and online.

If you have a garage, decorating it with antique car signs adds personality to the garage, and it is homage to the heritage of the automobile. By proudly displaying one of these signs, you are telling your friends what car brand you prefer, and you are inviting conversation that can lead to a spirited debate in much the same way it did for our grandfathers.