Antique Advertising Rise in Value

As we move into the future, more people are looking into the past, specifically antique advertising signs. Just as anthropologists study ancient cultures by studying the things that they left behind, we can learn a great deal by studying the things our grandparents left behind. These include architecture, literature, and of course antique advertising signs.

No one really knows when the first antique advertising sign was produced, but by the middle of the nineteenth century they were everywhere. Most things werent mass produced in those days, and the advertising from this period shows it. A simple advertisement for shaving powder that promises to reduce cuts, or an advertisement for a magical cure all elixir can be worth a good bit of money.

Stores of this era needed to advertise what products they carried, and by placing metal signs on the front of their stores they had a way to advertise that would reach anyone walking by, including those who couldnt read or right. After all, if the sign had a picture of a tomato on it, it was a pretty good bet that the store that it hung on sold tomatoes.

Henry Ford is best known for producing automobiles, but perhaps his greatest contribution to society is the invention of the assembly line. The assembly line was first used to produce Ford automobiles, but it worked so well that others adopted it to produce other things. This, along with trucks making the transportation of goods faster and cheaper allowed for companies to grow to unprecedented size. When companies were able to sell there goods from coast to coast, they rushed to get as much advertising out as possible. One form of this advertising came in metal signs.

In times of trouble when the future seems uncertain people often look to the past and long for a simpler and more secure time. Nostalgia will always proliferate and spread during times of trouble, and people will look for tangible things of the past to hold on to. There is no relic that speaks of times past more so than advertising signs. As the future remains uncertain, these valuable antiques are sure to go up in value because they provide a tangible connection to the past.

It would be my prognostication that the antique signs that will go up the most in value will be the ones pertaining to current companies in trouble, like the automakers. People like to identify themselves with name brands, and they will rush to get antique signs of company brands that they are worried wont be around much longer.

Even if antique advertising signs didnt have a potential to be valuable in the near future, they still provide us with a link to our past. They also look pretty cool hanging on the wall above the bookshelf.